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Heart Head Hands (Nov 9, 2010)
by Rawlins Cross

Rawlins Cross, one of Canada’s most accomplished and beloved Celtic bands, rekindles the magic with the Fall 2010 national release of Heart Head Hands (Ground Swell/Warner Music). This marks the band’s first full album release in 12 years and a return to the vanguard of the fusion of Celtic traditional music with the rhythms of rock, pop and worldbeat music.

Heart Head Hands is produced by the Panting brothers and recorded by Charles Austin at Echo Chamber Studio in Halifax.  The album offers 16 all-original tracks, featuring 12 songs written by the Pantings and Bourne as well as four Celtic instrumental selections.

One of the songs on the recording, “Grandmother’s Song” has already caught some attention. After performing the song for Queen Elizabeth during her Royal visit in June, the band received a request from Prime Minister Stephen Harper (an accomplished pianist) for the sheet music.

Track Listing:

1. High Tide
2. Push
3. Grandmother’s Song
4. We Go Ahead
5. Open Skies Medley
6. Heart Head Hands
7. Beautiful Girl
8. Reels
9. Nightfall
10. May One
11. Jigs (Down the Line / Banjo Jig / Overlapper)
12. Demons
13. Kingdom Come
14. Singles (Joey Clements / Red Island Tune)
15. Questions / Beaumont Waltz
16. Back to Brazil

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